Our Team

Bob Maddison

Bob Maddison has built a strong reputation in the marketplace for managing projects that produce superior quality of work, within expected timeframes and budget. A Civil Engineer by profession, Bob reached the level of State Manager and Executive Director for Civil & Civic before setting up Maddison Property. Since then, Bob Maddison has successfully managed the company from start-up some 20 years ago until today.

James Holtsbaum

James Holtsbaum worked within the major corporates, including; PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley, before joining with Bob almost 10 years ago. Now providing the future direction for Maddison Property, James has continued to build on the success and reputation of the business. Having managed a number of major projects from conception to completion, he has considerable expertise and experience of the development and design and construction process. He demonstrates a strong capability to work on a range of different projects and takes on a sense of ownership on behalf of all of our clients. James is very effective at building clear lines of communication with the client, ensuring that he properly understands their needs and objectives on each project. James has Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting/Finance) and a Master of Project Management (Building) with Distinction.